On the investigation side of the band of the IR - 72 Baron David stationed in Bratislava, Pozsony - Pressburg. Research on k.u.k regimental bands are not always easy. In the case of the IR 72, they are doubly difficult because here emerged from Austria-Hungary an intersection of two spheres of interest. From the Hungarian half of the Empire the city Pozsony, became the todays Czecho-Slovak and Slovak Bratislava. This had serious consequences on the distribution of archival materials according to the first World War.


Marching band of IR 72 - 1917

Now I am working on the heritage of my great-grandfather. Luckily, I know many about occasions on what, when and sometimes where the band played but much more I do not know. Now I am looking for people who know something about it or provide evidence such as photographs, shellacs, notes or diaries and letters. I am hoping on children, grandchildren, other descendants of members of the music of the IR 72 or scientists  in music or history terms involved on that issue. Every little thing is European history .... Here I see the incredible benefits of the Internet as a tool of communication, networking and research in a European but also global framework.

Peter Horváth, 2010

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